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PMS APIs and high level introduction

In the Payplaza system topology, the central Payment Management Server (PMS), is handling all connections from all ECRs and payment terminals. The PMS processes a virtual Point of Sales, always existing of a terminal and an ECR, that are virtually connected to each other.

The Payplaza solution is a thin client based solution, where 90% of the payment logic is handled on the central PMS server and the terminal is mostly involved with security issues. PMS, Payplaza payment terminals and the central data storage are all part of the PCI domain. The ECR system is connected to the PMS system via a Webservice and beyond PCI scope.

The Payplaza system offers the ECR WebService 4.0 integration

ECR Webservice 4.0 a full service high level API based on a Web Service. All transaction types and contactless are supported.

Payplaza ECR Webservice 4.0 is a suitable solution for Payment Service Providers to support ECR integrated POS payments. For more information about a PSP integration please contact us at